Tuesday, August 25, 2009

W.I.P 1

W.I.P 1

Picked up Blender not too long ago and I cant get enough of it.I have used 3D studio max but found it too tedious,my nerd level power is below -6 on that program.Blender is a breezy touch to the hands.
I use Photoshop CS4 for the texturing.Painting right on the sculpt is cake and Boyos I likes me some cake.
There is plenty of excellent sculpt work in SL.With these new pieces and more coming,I plan on adding to the art of the grid.

about image:

work in progress for Way:Bunny Avatar

based on the art of Mark Ryden

update 1:

added ears to hear and new eyes to whimper at shadows hidden in dark corners.

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