Saturday, September 5, 2009

And then there they all were..

I sat there many times,
one day too long...
the next for some hours.
Then one showed up,followed by another
and that one followed by more I'm sure.
Travelers lost away from home
and then there they all were.
As they gathered they began to plot and plan something in an undecipherable manner.
Some of the words I could clearly make out,the rest I guess didn't matter.
then one began
to tap on the sand
with a stick (or maybe a strand)
and then the other one sang
and we all danced and time stopped....
it was grand.

the next day as they cleared the site and gathered their belongings
we stopped for a moment.
One amongst them gave me a small withered map
brown with age.
She said
"we werent really lost,no one ever really is"


location:New Calleta

Seren D. Pedi

skipped about one night and found an image.
the pickie said my name out loud and I waited there.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


TitWillerd-(version A)
scripting in ears is triggered by text on specified channel
3 states with capability of adding more

looks like TitWillerd needs a tail of some sort...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


She engages in hours of thought amongst pleasantries and disturbances.
the better to see you with of course.


new sculpt test: "CupKopf" head with blinking animation on top two heads.
also worn:
way vietnam flak jacket
way olive tshirt
way long john pants (white)
way pale skin

A day at the Park

She went on about the way time plays tricks on your mind when you arent looking
and what she said made sense to me.
She says walk this way or that way and I cant say no.
The carousel is motionless but for the tired swaying.
The stillness magnifies the deadness here.

Time plays tricks when one isnt looking..

She said to me the night I met her "Maybe from a different vantage point is when the pickies do the curtsey and introduce ever so shyly the way of things never before known."
I told her I would keep looking...



location:Prim Hearts

new avie test