Saturday, September 5, 2009

And then there they all were..

I sat there many times,
one day too long...
the next for some hours.
Then one showed up,followed by another
and that one followed by more I'm sure.
Travelers lost away from home
and then there they all were.
As they gathered they began to plot and plan something in an undecipherable manner.
Some of the words I could clearly make out,the rest I guess didn't matter.
then one began
to tap on the sand
with a stick (or maybe a strand)
and then the other one sang
and we all danced and time stopped....
it was grand.

the next day as they cleared the site and gathered their belongings
we stopped for a moment.
One amongst them gave me a small withered map
brown with age.
She said
"we werent really lost,no one ever really is"


location:New Calleta

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